Does Bitcoin address change every time?

Getting into Bitcoin, it is a fastest growing digital currency around the world. The vital reason for this fast growth is internet usage become high among people.

On other hand, the Bitcoin or digital currencies can be easily accessed at anytime whenever the need is available.

Although, the Bitcoin owns its value in the financial market and some people would feel difficult to stick on process with Bitcoin. It is mainly because the Bitcoin process or Bitcoin transaction or value exchange whatever may be the process in involves with many technical terms.

Those technical terms are hard to follow and memorize.

Do wallet issues occur in each Bitcoin transaction?

Apart from all these stuffs traders stuck in several confusions one of the major doubts that prevail among users is why does Bitcoin address change every time?

crypto wallet

This may look strange whenever people receive or send digital currencies their wallet address gets keep on changed. What is hidden truth behind this issue?

All crypto community users face same issue but the answer would be so simple. Cryptocurrency users are allowed to transfer cryptocurrency such as

  • Same cryptocurrency transaction
  • Different cryptocurrency transaction

The wallet address issue occurs only when the user do either same Bitcoin or different currency transactions in online cryptocurrency wallet.

Whatever may be the cryptocurrency value, if people do transactions via online wallet then a new wallet address is generated each time. To be more specific when the Bitcoin is send to the receiving address through online wallet.

Once the Bitcoin is transferred and remaining Bitcoin is available in the sending address will have new wallet address.

Bitcoin address

What is use of wallet address changes?

This process is commonly prevails in all Bitcoin sites many users may think why does crypto wallet address changes after each transaction.

The hidden truth behind this process is while transferring Bitcoin from sending to receiver address the receiver would receive Bitcoin along with transaction address via portal.

In such cases there are maximum chances for hackers to track on the transaction address and reach out the cryptocurrency account.

In order to avoid such happening the cryptocurrency cloud server would automatically generate a new address to the wallet to protect your cryptocurrency account and it gives great protection to your Bitcoin transactions too. However, the wallet address keeps on changing and users can able to check on each transaction address in their account.

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